Police arrest 4 minors from Jerusalem and Binyamin for price-tag attack

August 18 vandalism took place in Palestinian West Bank village of Dora al-Kara, sprayed the word "revenge" in graffiti on large placard.

Price tag attack in Dora al-Kara (photo credit: JERUSALEM POLICE)
Price tag attack in Dora al-Kara
(photo credit: JERUSALEM POLICE)
One week after a “price-tag” attack was carried out in the Palestinian West Bank village of Dura al-Kara, Jerusalem police arrested on Monday four minors from Binyamin and the capital suspected of setting a fire and spray-painting hate speech.
According to police, the incident took place on the night of August 18 in the village located in the Binyamin region of the West Bank, during which the suspects set fire to a coffee stand and wrote “revenge” in graffiti on a large placard.
Following an investigation into the hate crime, Jerusalem Police were able to track the unidentified suspects early Monday morning. Noting the pronounced spike in “price-tag” attacks throughout the country this year, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said police are continuing to crack down on suspects involved in the hate crimes.
“These arrests are part of an ongoing intensive investigation by police into all the incidents that have taken place over the past several months,” he said. The suspects were arraigned at Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court Monday afternoon.