Police release footage of Pisgat Ze'ev attack after Palestinians deny teens were terrorists

The footage was released to show a fuller scope of the attack, combating Palestinian media reports claiming the two young terrorists were completely innocent.

Police footage of stabbing attack in Pisgat Ze'ev
Israel Police released extended footage on Wednesday of the terrorist attack two Arab boys, aged 13 and 15, carried out in the capital’s Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood two days earlier.
They stabbed two Jewish males, aged 13 and 25.
The footage was exposed to combat Palestinian claims that the attackers, who lived in Jerusalem’s Beit Hanina neighborhood, were completely innocent.
A video released on Palestinian social media featured the younger terrorist, who was run over by a vehicle mid-stabbing, lying on the Jerusalem Light Rail track, bleeding and writhing in pain – but does not show him attacking the Jewish boy.
In the newly released video, the two terrorists are shown with knives in their hands, chasing after the 25-year-old whom they had stabbed moments before, out of sight of the of the security camera on Ha’arba’a Street. The man was seriously wounded, but managed to run away. He is in stable but serious condition.
They continued their stabbing spree on Hashisha Asar Street, where they are seen looking for another victim.
According to police, the pair first spotted an older man, but continued on their hunt.
Finally, they stabbed a 13-year-old who was leaving a convenience store on his bike. He is in stable condition after life-saving emergency surgery.
The terrorists then continued onto Moshe Dayan Street and ran toward police officers, who had been called to the scene.
The officers shot at the 15-year-old out of self-defense.
He died, while the 13-year-old terrorist was in serious condition.