Hamas claims to have Israeli drone under its control

Islamist group claims that Skylark 1 drone crashed into the Gaza Strip last month, which it then dismantled and rebuilt.

Hamas claims to have an Israeli drone under its control
Hamas announced Wednesday evening that it had successfully dismantled and reassembled an Israeli drone that it said was now “operational” for use by its military arm, according to Ma’ariv .
The terrorist organization made the announcement through its official website, claiming that a drone that had crashed into Gaza on July 22 – dubbed the Skylark 1 – was now in the group’s possession.
“Hamas’s military wing... [the Izzadin] Kassam Brigade took control of the Zionist drone Skylark 1 and managed to make its services operational,” a statement on the web - site read.
The Hamas-owned Al-Aksa television channel reportedly aired a video showing the drone in action under the control of Hamas operatives.
The group claims that after the drone crashed in its territory, its operatives inspected the unmanned aircraft and were able to deconstruct its parts and rebuild it.
“This is a great achievement... and a gift to the Palestinian people,” the statement went on to say. “This demonstrates the strength of our people and its resistance.”
The IDF had no comment.