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IDF general: Drones crucial in almost all Israeli missions

Palmachim Base Commander Brig. Gen. Omri Dor said that he was pleased that recently the country and the IDF finally permitted publicizing its use of drones.

In a first, Israeli general opens up about IDF use of armed drones

The armed drones not only provide Israel with additional firepower but also allow for quick detection and attack against targets.


Morocco, Thailand to procure Israeli drones

BlueBird Aero Systems describes the ThunderB VTOL as a “robust, innovative and versatile” system that can be used for “long-range, covert, real-time day and cooled-IR stabilized payloads.”

Israel might use armed drones in West Bank counter terrorism operations

Two IDF commanders underwent training to operate an air force assault command center that monitors and controls armed drones for operational use.

Why Israel waited until now to reveal armed drones - analysis

Israel is part of this world of armed drones, and less ambiguity will possibly improve Israel’s drones, not reduce their effectiveness. 

What are the killer drones in Israel’s arsenal?

Israel's worst-kept secret was announced on Wednesday evening. These are the four main attack drones used by the IDF.

Israel downs three Hezbollah drones flying toward Karish gas rig

Gantz warned that Israel is prepared to defend its infrastructure against any threat.

Israeli F-35 downed Iranian drones on their way to Gaza last year

Mission is the first known interception of UAVs by the fifth-generation F-35 in the world. Israel was one of the first countries to use advanced US fighter jet in combat.


Pizza is just the beginning: Israel’s drone delivery aims for the sky

Israel is conducting large-scale testing for the creation of a national drone network for commercial deliveries, medical transport and urban air mobility.


Drones and navigation systems: 'Ghost' is moving the IDF to the next level

Multi-Domain is "a unit with the manpower of a battalion, but the firepower of a brigade"

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