Palestinian report: Israel harvested the corneas of dead terrorist

Palestinian Ministry of Health claims to have made the discovery while inspecting the body at the morgue.

Hospital  beds. (photo credit: SAM SOKOL)
Hospital beds.
(photo credit: SAM SOKOL)
Israel harvested the corneas from one of the bodies of a terrorist responsible for an attack at the entrance to Jerusalem last month, according to reports by Palestinian media.
The Palestinian Ministry of Health issued an official statement, claiming to have made the discovery at the morgue where the body was being housed.
The attack took place on October 12 on bus line 185. A terrorist sitting in the back of the bus stabbed a soldier, called out "Allahu akbar," and attempted to steal the soldier's weapon.
A Jerusalem district police officer who was on the bus at the time heard the terrorist's scream, ran in the direction of the attacker and attempted to wrestle him to the ground.
Passengers called to the driver to stop and open the doors so they could disembark and alert the police. The police officer held the terrorist and kept him subdued with the help of two other citizens, all the while the terrorist attempted to get hold of the soldier's weapon and open fire.
Police forces arrived on the scene quickly. As the police worked to take the terrorist into custody, a police officer's gun fell from its holster and the terrorist attempted to grab it. An officer notice the terrorist with his hand on the gun and shot him with precision and subdued the assailant.