50 years ago today: Jpost covers the Six-Day War

In the days before the Internet, The Jerusalem Post was there to report on the dramatic developments in 1967 as they happened.

Six Day War page 4 (photo credit: JPOST ARCHIVE)
Six Day War page 4
(photo credit: JPOST ARCHIVE)
 In June of 1967 Israel fought and won a seemingly hopeless war against the combined force of five armies. There was no Internet in those days, but the Jerusalem Post reporters and editors worked around the clock to bring readers the latest  developments as quickly and accurately as they could. Below are the front pages of the Jerusalem Post from June 5th, the day the war began to June 12th and the announcement of the ceasefire being signed.
Click on any of the images below for a high resolution PDF of our front page and go back in time to those dramatic days.