Tensions still high between Israel and Jordan

A quarter of Jordanian parliament members signed a petition to call back ambassador to Israel, hundreds protested in Amman calling for Jordanian-Israeli peace treaty to be abolished.

People attend the funeral of Mohammad Jawawdah in Amman, Jordan July 25, 2017.  (photo credit: REUTERS)
People attend the funeral of Mohammad Jawawdah in Amman, Jordan July 25, 2017.
(photo credit: REUTERS)
 Friday, 56 members of the Jordanian parliament signed a petition calling to expel Israeli ambassador Einat Schlein and to bring back Jordanian ambassador to Israel Walid Obeidat. The topic is meant to be discussed in parliament on Sunday.
With 195 seats in the Jordanian parliament the number of signatures mean that roughly a quarter of parliament supports halting normal diplomatic relations with Israel.   
On that same day around 200 people demonstrated in Amman calling "Death to Israel" and demanding the Israeli-Jordanian peace treaty be abolished. Unable to protest in front of the Israeli embassy, which is protected by Jordanian security, the demonstrators stood in a nearby location.
In July 23 an Israeli security guard at the Israeli embassy in Jordan shot and killed Jordanian teenager Mohammad Jawawdah who assaulted him using a screwdriver. The guard shot and killed the teenager and hurt the Jordanian landlord who was present in the house. The incident took place in the house the guard was living in which was in the compound of the embassy.
On Monday night the entire Israeli diplomatic mission to Jordan returned to Israel with the guard and were received by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. King  Abdullah of Jordan was angry by what he deemed to be a hero's welcome and called the Israeli leader "provocative"and warned that this Israeli attitude "enrages us".
Israel had requested that ambassador Schlein return to Jordan and resume her duties but the Jordanian government refuses to accept her until Israel provides them with assurances that the guard will be put to trail. The Jordanian Foreign Office handed over to Israel their file of the investigation.
Israel had began to investigate the case.