Terrorist shot, killed after attempting to stab security guard in Jenin

The terrorist in the incident was shot and killed at the scene.

Scene of terror attack in Jeniin
A Palestinian attempted to stab an Israeli security guard at a West Bank crossing Saturday morning and was shot dead by security personnel at the scene, Northern District police said.
According to Northern District police, a Palestinian approached the Gilboa (Jalame) crossing north of Jenin armed with a knife and attempted to stab a security guard posted at the crossing. Police said he was then shot dead by other security guards.
According to a preliminary investigation recounting the moments leading up to the attack, the suspect, 16, was posing as a vendor, weaving through dozens of cars that were halted at the Jamala checkpoint.
Suddenly, the terrorist pulled out a knife and began to run towards the guards at the checkpoint. At that point a security guard readied his weapon and neutralized the attacker.
"This scenario and so many instances like it have increased our security awareness," according to Brigadier General Kamil Abu Rokon, head of the Crossing Authority in the Defense Ministry. "Our security personnel functioned exactly as we expected them to," he added.
There were no other injuries in the incident, police said.
Earlier on Saturday, an Israeli man claimed that a Palestinian terrorist attempted to stab him near The Garden Tomb of Jerusalem, outside the Old City, according to police.
While walking on Nablus Road, the Israeli man said he suddenly "heard a scream, turned around and saw the suspect with a knife in his hand who then attempted to wound him", according to a complaint filed with Jerusalem police. The man said he was able to wrestle the knife away from the perpetrator's hand, who then fled the scene.
Police say they have possession of the weapon and are scanning the area for possible suspects.
On Friday, police thwarted a terror attack in Jerusalem's Nof Zion neighborhood after receiving reports of a suspicious man eyeing Jewish houses in the area.
Border Police Officers arrived to the scene and started questioning the man, a 21-year-old resident of the city's Jebl Mukaber neighborhood and noticed that his right hand was hidden behind a fence.
They maintained their distance as the suspect showed the officers his right arm. His hand was in a fist, as if he was holding something.
Police asked the suspect to open his hand in order to see if he was holding a weapon, but he refused and requested for the officers to allow him to return to his home neighborhood.
Finally, one of the officers managed to apprehend the suspect, grabbed his arm and found a knife hidden in the suspect's sleeve.
The suspect was arrested and will undergo a police investigation.