West Bank Violence

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IDF questions soldiers, officers over death of Palestinian-American

On Sunday, reports claimed that Military Police had launched an investigation but that it seemed that charges were not going to be brought against the soldiers.

Government ministers must condemn extremist settler violence - editorial

Settler violence is a phenomenon that needs to be rooted out from its core. Saying so doesn’t dirty the names of the rest of the residents of Jewish communities in the West Bank.

Ministers take hours to condemn West Bank settler violence

Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel first minister to condemn the settler violence against left-wing Israeli activists and Palestinians.

Warnings of Palestinian intifada as IDF remains on alert in West Bank

Violence has also been high in Burka, which clashes breaking out between the army and Palestinians there when the IDF closed down the village in the aftermath of the Dimentman killing.

3 soldiers lightly injured during evacuation of illegal structures near Yitzhar

Residents threw stones at the forces and blocked axes by burning tires.

Attacks up, fatalities down in the West Bank

Violent attacks in the West Bank have jumped significantly over the past year but the number of deaths from terror attacks is the lowest in a decade.

Nationalistic settler attacks against Palestinians, IDF unacceptable - Gantz

According to the UN, there were 450 incidents of Israeli nationalistic violence against Palestinians in the West Bank.

Israeli government encouraging settler violence - Palestinian Authority

The Palestinian Authority condemned “settler terrorism” and called on the international community to take urgent action to stop the violence.

Three ladies, three lattes: Each man under his olive tree

You ask the questions, the three latte ladies provide the answers!


West Bank settler violence is terrorism and a form of apartheid - opinion

If Israel is a state of law, then the only conclusion one can reach is that the law of the territories is a form of apartheid.

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