Two east Jerusalem brothers indicted for planning terrorist attack in capital

Brothers charged with working with Hamas to create terror cell within city.

Hamas militants (photo credit: REUTERS)
Hamas militants
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office on Monday lifted a gag order on the indictment of two east Jerusalem brothers for working with Hamas and recruiting accomplices to carry out a major terrorist attack in the capital.
According to the indictment, Shaaban bin Ahmad Hamed, 28, of Anata, and Muhammed bin Ahmad Hamed, 23, of Shuafat, were recruited and funded by a Hamas operative in the Gaza Strip to form a terror cell in Jerusalem and carry out an unspecified attack at a public venue.
While details of the attack and ensuing investigation remain unclear, the indictment indicated that the brothers received NIS 100,000 from the terrorist organization and were in the preliminary stages of preparation.
The elder brother served time in an Israeli jail, during which time he joined Hamas and was provided with information by an inmate containing the name and contact information of an operative in Gaza who could assist him, according to the indictment. Upon his release, he recruited his younger brother and was given a book by his Gaza contact containing a disk with more information to assist him in plotting the attack.
The brothers went on to purchase a laptop computer with encrypted software so avert detection, and utilized Facebook to contact a third accomplice while attempting to procure weapons.
After the elder Hamed was arrested approximately a month ago, his younger brother attempted to destroy the computer’s hard drive, which, according to the indictment, he hid in the computer’s fan.
The two have been charged with joining and recruiting members of a terrorist organization, contact with foreign agents, conspiracy, obstruction of justice and destroying evidence.