Two vehicles set fire to in village near Ramallah in suspected price tag attack

Two months earlier, a mosque in the same village was set on fire.

Price tag attack in Al Mughayir  (photo credit: ZAKARIYA SADDEH/RABBIS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS)
Price tag attack in Al Mughayir
Two months after setting fire to a mosque in the village of Mughayir northeast of Ramallah, vandals set fire to two cars Thursday morning. On the site of the attack, the vandals sprayed graffiti in Hebrew, which indicates it had been a hate crime.
According to the Palestinians, setters from the nearby Edi Ad, came to the village in the early hours of the morning, painted graffiti and set fire to two vehicles belonging to Jamal abu Alia and Akhram Na'ason.
Na'asan (41), a father of four children, whose jeep was set on fire, said: "At around 3:50 am, the car alarm went off and then I looked out the window and saw the vehicle on fire. Immediately I went to the water pipe and I turned it off, then I discovered written in graffiti 'death to Arabs', an Israeli flag and 'price tag'."
According to Na'asan, he does not believe in the Israeli security forces, for more than 70 complaints against the settlers were filed last year, but the complaints were closed after the perpetrators were not found. "They want to take over our land, so they attack us all the time. They killed our horses, torched tractors and plow," said Na'asan.
"The local police take complaints and that's it. They've never stopped suspects in these type of acts. We are in an isolated area where the Palestinian police are forbidden to enter and the Israeli police do not protect us. I asked the Israel Police that to be able to arm ourselves in order to protect ourselves."
Zakaria Sada, a Rabbis for Human Rights activist in the West Bank, told Maariv: "The IDF and the Israeli police are obligated to stop terrorist actions, and to stop 'price tag' groups that carry out hate crimes and terrorism."