WATCH: Flotilla activists release footage of IDF intercepting 'Marianne'

"I ask you soldier to move from our boat. Don't threaten us. Go away," activist heard shouting in newly-released footage.

How the IDF reroutes a Gaza-bound flotilla
Freedom Flotilla activists released footage Sunday of Israeli authorities intercepting the Marianne av Göteborg, the ship carrying pro-Palestinian activists which attempted to break the blockade of the Gaza Strip last week.
In the video, an IDF soldier can be heard calling on the flotilla activists to move to the front of the boat and reduce their speed in order to allow the soldiers to board without risk of injury.
A flotilla activist can be heard responding to the request by shouting, "No. I ask you soldier to move from our boat. Don't threaten us. Go away. You move to the front of the boat. You are not allowed to come on our boat."
The activist repeats the refrain several times, emphasizing that the boat is in international waters. The IDF intercepted the Marianne some 85 nautical miles off the coast of Gaza
"You are endangering civilians and soldiers," the IDF naval officer repeats several times over the megaphone, as the activist says that the boat will not slow down.
The soldiers then board the ship, calling on the activists to put their hands in the air. The IDF appears to carry out the confiscation of the ship without having to use force.
Naval vessels towed the Swedish boat into Ashdod's port following the interception.
Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon, who called the operation a "success," said the Navy had to tow the vessel because the passengers on board sabotaged the engine after IDF soldiers boarded.
No soldiers or activists were injured in the interception of the ship.