WATCH: Security footage from scene of attack at popular Tel Aviv market

In the video, people are seen running from a cafe at the popular Sarona complex where the attack took place.

Security camera footage captures moment of Tel Aviv terror attack
Security camera footage released Wednesday night showed recordings from a cafe in a central Tel Aviv market where two terrorists opened fire and killed at least three people and wounded several others.
In the video, people are seen running from the Max Brenner restaurant at the popular Sarona complex where the attack took place.
One of the assailants was eventually shot and wounded. Security forces have arrested both attackers. 
Police said an investigation is ongoing and they have no details about the identities of the attackers. Israeli media reported that the two assailants had been sitting at the cafe and wearing disguises before they opened fire.
Meanwhile, Palestinian media reported that the assailants were cousins from the West Bank town of Yata, located near Hebron.
Meital Ganon, a manager from one of the stores in the mall, said they had closed their doors and were getting ready to go home when they heard gunshots.
Moments later people began banging on the glass window asking to be let in.
“They were hysterical,” Ganon said in an interview on Channel 2.
“They were yelling ’there’s a terrorist!,” Ganon said. She let them into the store and tried to calm them down as they spook of having seen dead people and blood.
Police ordered everyone to stay where they were, so "we were in the store for an hour without knowing exactly what was going on," she said.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu landed in Israel Wednesday evening from his trip to Moscow to news of the terror attack. He headed straight to the Kirya for security consultations along with Defense Minister Avigdor Liberian and Shin Bet head Nadav Argaman
The attack is the first shooting attack in Tel Aviv since New Year’s Day, when Israeli Arab Nashat Milhem opened fire at a Dizengoff bar, killing two before murdering a cab driver.
Lahav Harkov and Tovah Lazaroff contributed to this report.