Watch: The mood in Metulla as IDF's Operation Northern Shield underway

Video taken by The Jerusalem Post show that the mood in Metulla, the Israeli city closest to this operation, is very solemn indeed.

The Mood in Metulla
As Operation Northern Shield, which was launched to expose and destroy Hezbollah tunnels entering Israel from Lebanon, continues on the country's northern border, The Jerusalem Post spoke with residents of Metulla, the city closest to the operation.
Israelis here wholeheartedly support the IDF's anti-tunnel operation and are donating food to the IDF soldiers. Interviewees discuss how the operation affects their daily lives, and, while the mood remains solemn, residents are reassured by the IDF's presence.
The territory by the northern border is rocky, unlike the sandy South where the Gaza-based Palestinian terror group Hamas has also constructed tunnels. That makes the IDF's engineering work to uncover and neutralize the tunnels complex.
For example, the first exposed tunnel was some 25 meters deep, and its complete destruction requires many days.
Watch the video to learn more.
Anna Ahronheim contributed to this report.