Barack Obama's visit to disrupt life in Jerusalem

Jerusalemites can expect major interruptions to their daily routines as major roads to close during "Operation Unbreakable Alliance."

Jaffa road bus 18 521 (photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)
Jaffa road bus 18 521
(photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)
Jerusalemites can expect some major interruptions to their daily routines during US President Barack Obama’s visit from March 20 to 22. As in the case of president George W. Bush’s visit in 2008, major roads downtown will be closed during Operation Unbreakable Alliance, as Obama’s visit has been dubbed.
King David Street will be completely closed to traffic during the entire Obama visit, as Obama and parts of his 500-person entourage will be staying at the King David Hotel.
Parking will be forbidden on a number of roads leading to places included in Obama’s itinerary, including Ramban, Ruppin, Agron, Museum Boulevard, Givat Ram campus, Arlosoroff, Balfour, Kaplan, Jabotinsky, Herzl Boulevard, Ben Tzvi, and others. Any cars parked there will be towed. During the times when Obama is expected to travel on the roads, they could be closed for a number of hours.
Residents are encouraged to visit the municipality website or call the municipality hotline at 106 for updated information about road closures.
Public transportation will run as normal, though some bus routes that use the roads mentioned above will be redirected to alternate routes. More information about bus changes is available from Egged by calling *8787 or checking the Egged website
The light rail is expected to run normally except for brief service freezes while the Obama fleet crosses the tracks.
Ahead of Obama’s visit, the municipality also hung more than 1,000 American/Jerusalem flags on major roadways.