Gurevitch lets loose the dragon

Micki Gurevitch's fertile imagination is at it again with 'Dragon in Love.'

Director/playwright Micki Gurevitch's fertile imagination is at it again. Together with his actors from the Jerusalem Khan Theater where he is the general director, and working always through improvisation, he has created Dragon in Love, subtitled a lyric comedy with songs. A "volunteer" is invited onstage from the audience so that the actors may act out his life. He protests. This is not his life they are portraying - but perhaps it is. Perhaps it's the events and memories he'd rather not think about, including unrequited or lost love and a dragon with three heads. It all starts at the Khan on December 27. Other Gurevitch plays with the Khan include Happiness, Passing Shadow and The Successful, which won the Israel Theater Prize for best comedy in 2007.