The flower power

The largest international flower show Israel has ever seen is back in Haifa.

The Flower Power 370 (photo credit: Courtesy)
The Flower Power 370
(photo credit: Courtesy)
This Spring brings the return of Haifa’s legendary flower exhibition, with a fresh and exciting scent.
Over the Pesach holiday the expansive 30-acre Hecht Park will be hosting what is slated to be the largest international flower show Israel has ever seen.
Dutch and Israeli designers have been working together to create the event, geared not just toward flower enthusiasts, but the whole family. Thousands of unique flowers from all over the globe are being flown in from Holland’s world-famous market.
Formally known as the “Flower Holiday,” the annual event was a highlight of Pesach from the 1950s until the 1990s. After taking a 19-year break, Haifa municipality is excited to bring the blossoms back to the city.
Spread out over the magnificent park, nine spectacular white domes filled with exotic flowers will draw exhibition-goers into enchanting lands, each one strikingly different. The themes include “Flower World”; “Paris Boulevard”; “The Hanging Gardens”; “Land of the Rising Sun”; “Wild World”; “Senses Land”; “Fantasy Land”; “Neverland”; and “The Vanishing Garden.”
“Neverland” beckons children to enter a wavy sea of flowers in which a pirate ship floats, carrying thousands of “stolen flowers.” “Paris Boulevard” calls to lovers to take a stroll through the romantic city of boutiques and bouquets; while in “Senses Land,” the darkness ensures that the focus is on the powerful fragrance of unique aromatic flowers.
Each night the designers will replenish the displays to ensure that each flower is fresh for the next day.
Visitors may revel in the various artistic activities and exhibits, including a sculpture and herb garden; flower carpets; topiary gardens; a flower market; planting and seeding workshops; and environmental workshops.
The artists will also be available to discuss their works with the public.
For children, the hilly park will be transformed into a magical playground, where they may connect with nature as they frolic among flower-made butterflies and birds.
The displays are being put together by Israel’s leading flower designer, Benzi Gil, in collaboration with his Dutch partner, Alexander Zilmans, coowner of ZUIDKOOP, an internationally-acclaimed flower design company. The two companies are cooperating with the artistic managers of the exhibition, architects Gaston Zahr, Meirav Eitan and Drorit Gonen of the O*GE Creative Group.
The designers say they aim to inspire people with the variety of flower arrangements, colors and textures, and hope to create the feeling of being “enveloped in flowers.”
They acknowledge that the nostalgic memories of the flower show challenge them to live up to high expectations, and they are keen to succeed.
“In this day, we are also competing with computers and reality TV shows,” Meirav said. “We are trying to offer something that appeals to everyone, but still has a value of natural beauty.”

The exhibition will be open to the general public from April 7-14 between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. In the evenings, a light display will illuminate the park. Tickets can be purchased on the day or at at a cost of NIS 79 for adults and NIS 55 for children. There is disabled access. For additional information visit