Abraham, Isaac, Jacob… and Snoop Dogg?

Which is better: Hanukka or Christmas? Moses, played by Snoop Dogg, battles it out with Santa in a duel of rhymes.

Snoop Dogg (photo credit: Courtesy)
Snoop Dogg
(photo credit: Courtesy)
There are many modern day depictions of the Jewish prophet, Moses: Some wearing long robes, some holding the 10 commandments, but there is only one with bling and swagger.
In the latest rendition of Epic Rap Battles, the Internet video parody series, famous US rapper Snoop Dogg portrays the Jewish forefather, Moses.
“I’m from the North Pole, that’s why my rhymes are so cold,” raps Santa. The hilarious religious satire is a battle between Moses and the one and only Santa Claus, having the ageold argument about which holiday is better: Christmas or Hanukka.
“I read your book, you got a strict religion. No bacon, but mandatory circumcision?” asks Santa. The rap touches on many key factors of Judaism, comparing them with the essential ideas of Christianity. After Santa’s attack on the Festival of Lights, Snoop retaliates with some suggestions of his own for Santa.
“Hand me my chizzle, I got a new comandizzle for y’all. Thou shall not let children sit on a grown man’s lap at the mall.”
He may be the last person expected to play such a respected biblical name, but Snoop has more insight into Judaism than meets the eye.
After filming his documentary, Reincarnated, and officially changing his stage name to “Snoop Lion,” he has vowed never to rap again, and to change his way of life. His new reggae single, “Here Comes the King,” features two Stars of David on the album cover.