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Actress and model Noa Tishbi had hardly taken off her wedding gown before showing up for a photo shoot.

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noa tishbi 88
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  • ISRAEL'S HIGHEST-paid singer this year, according to an investigation by Sheva Leilot (Seven Nights), the Yediot Aharonot weekend entertainment supplement, was Sarit Hadad. Her total income from live performances, record sales and royalties amounted to NIS 7.2 million, putting her slightly ahead of Shlomo Artzi, who earned NIS 7.1 million.
  • POPULAR TELEVISION and radio host Shimon Parnas, a multi-generation Israeli who is best known for promoting Greek music in Israel, will be appearing at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center on Wednesday, July 9, along with the Ramatayim Men's Choir under the direction of Richard Shavei Zion, in a concert of Music to Touch the Soul. The event, under the aegis of Tishkofet, will celebrate Israel's 60th anniversary, but will also celebrate hope, courage and growth for people who are coping with life-threatening illnesses of their own or of loved ones.
  • NEWLY MARRIED actress and model Noa Tishbi had hardly taken off her wedding gown before showing up at a photo shoot last week to model the new ml winter collection for catalogs, posters and print media advertisements. The next day, she returned to Los Angeles to begin filming for a new HBO series. Her honeymoon will remain on hold for some time yet. She is due to return to Israel next month for the second half of the ml photo shoot - and then maybe she and her husband, Andrew Gunsberg (professionally known as Andrew G), can catch up with their delayed honeymoon. Meanwhile, in her new HBO role she will be playing an Israeli - something she hasn't done before in Hollywood - and will have to develop a pronounced Israeli accent in her speech. That's a real challenge, considering how hard she has worked to sound American.
  • IN CONTRAST to Tishbi's wedding, which was a grandiose affair with a large number of guests - all of whom were asked to come dressed in white - Riki Blich preferred to have a low-key affair in the same week. She became Mrs. Shlomi Kraus in the very intimate setting of a small Tel Aviv restaurant. Blich, who came to public attention as the star of the television series Ugly Esti, looked beautiful in a traditional bridal gown, and her bridegroom wore a suit.
  • WHILE WEDDINGS are taking place or are in the offing in Israel's entertainment industry, rumors are rife about yet another split. Although their relatives and closest friends are denying that Sandy Bar and Aki Avni are on the verge of separating, the gossip mongers are saying just the opposite about the beautiful couple. Time will tell.
  • HEADING FOR a frequent commute between Israel and the US is former Miss Israel, actress and model Gal Gadot, who comes home to carry out her modeling commitments to Castro and then flies back to the US to pursue her acting career. Gadot, who will appear in the upcoming The Fast and the Furious 4, beat out six other actresses who competed for the role; she recently auditioned for the popular television drama series CSI: Miami. If she gets the part, it will not be a one-time cameo performance. She will join the series' existing forensic team as a researcher.
  • ALSO BOUND for the US - for a stint of two or three years - is actress and former supermodel Michaela Bercu, who has appeared on the covers of the world's top fashion magazines and in several films. Bercu is married to Ron Zuckerman, a millionaire international businessman who is temporarily relocating to LA in August. Bercu already has a job lined up. Her husband and fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger have invested in a new lifestyle television channel and Bercu will be in charge of production.
  • MANY PUBLIC figures have private tragedies with which they have to cope on a day-to-day basis while maintaining a public persona. Among them is actress, singer and television hostess Hani Nahmias, who was just winding up her Hani's Room television show for the season when she was informed that she was receiving an award from healthcare company Novo Nordisk of Denmark for promoting diabetes awareness. At the prize ceremony, Nahmias spoke movingly of the agonizing years that her first husband had spent as a diabetic.
  • THOUGH BEST-known as a singer, Nurit Galron is also a trained actress who studied under Orna Porat. Only a short time after her husband Rafi Reshef quit his radio program - and after a 15-year break from acting - Galron went back into the fray and is currently appearing in a television drama series on YES STARS, The Ran Quadruplets.