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Veteran filmmaker Menachem Golan was holding auditions for his new film "Dangerous Dance."

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Ructions the Israel Embassy in Washington have often been attributed to Judy Shalom Nir Mozes, the high profile wife of former foreign minister Silvan Shalom. JSNM, a journalist and television star in her own right, had reportedly demanded the dismissal of Liron Peterzil, an aide to Ambassador Danny Ayalon for reportedly failing to arrange a photo opportunity with Madonna during the latter's visit to Israel in September, 2004. Whether accurate or not, it made good copy, and put the cream on the cake of political reporting. In a subsequent interview with two members of The Jerusalem Post, JSNM pointed out that the best proof of the story's fallacy was that she and her husband were out of the country during Madonna's visit. Moreover given the fact that Madonna was photographed with other ministers attending a gala function at the David Intercontinental Hotel, it would have been highly unlikely that she would refuse a request to be photographed with the foreign minister who would have naturally brought his wife into the picture. After all, the two of them were photographed with the Pope, so why not Madonna? At the base of the story were complaints made by Washington embassy to staff to JSNM about the way they were being treated by Ann Ayalon, the ambassador's wife. Taking a cue from her late mother, JSNM likes to schmooze with the people who are engaged to do the more menial work, because they're the ones who really know what's going on. When they complained to her about Ann Ayalon, JSNM took it further - and all the rest is history, embellished somewhat by the media. But now, there's a new chapter. According to a Maariv report last Thursday, Liron Peterzil is on the verge of leaving the employ of the Israel Embassy, and will be working for Madonna. Not that he will be directly on her staff. Peterzil is joining CAA, a prestigious creative artists' agency whose client list includes Madonna, Steven Spielberg, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey, and other luminaries whose names are global household words. For Peterzil, it will mean not only a change of employers but also a change of location from Washington to Los Angeles. Don't be surprised if in his new capacity, he organizes a photo opportunity for JSNM and Madonna or one of the many other stars in his new firmament. THERE WAS a lot more movement than usual earlier this month at Tel Aviv's Studio B, the well-known dance studio. Veteran filmmaker Menachem Golan was holding auditions for his new film Dangerous Dance, which will include some of the very talented dancers who were gradually eliminated from Channel Two's Born to Dance contest. Judging the huge turnout of dancers were choreographer Hilik Cohen and singer/dancer Michal Amdurski, who will both appear in the movie.