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Stories of a marital break-up have haunted Orna and Moshe Datz for years. Until recently the couple steadfastly denied the rumors.

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THE MOST likely replacement for Shalom Kital as head of Channel 2's News Corporation is Yediot Aharonot editor-in-chief and Kolbotek presenter Rafi Ginat. Ginat caused several ripples in the media when he replaced Moshe Vardi as editor in chief of Yediot Aharonot in 2005. Not only is he rumored to be interested in heading the News Corporation, but he is also said to want to continue with his Kolbotek program and become a presenter of the 8 p.m. news - likely pushing Gadi Sukenik aside (or at best reducing the frequency with which he appears on screen). Another contender for the position is suave and seasoned newsman Oded Ben-Ami who started his broadcasting career with Army Radio before moving to Israel Radio and Israel Television. Ben-Ami also took time out to serve as Army Spokesman before joining Channel 2, where he is both a news anchor and reporter. Given the choice, Channel 2 staff would probably prefer Ben Ami. STORIES OF a marital break-up have haunted Orna and Moshe Datz for years. Until recently the couple steadfastly denied the rumors. But as they used to say in old English dramas, "the truth will out" - and it did. However, this will not be your typical, messy showbiz divorce. In fact, the two will continue to collaborate professionally and intend to settle their financial affairs amicably. The reason given for the split is that they "grew apart" as Orna's career as a television hostess and a mistress of ceremonies at gala events sprouted wings. They delayed the announcement until they felt that their children were old enough to deal with the situation without suffering emotional or psychological damage. WHILE SOME couples are breaking the bonds of matrimony, others are getting ready to tie the knot. Among them is former MTV presenter Eden Harel who will join television personality Oded Menashe under the bridal canopy on February 22. It will be the second time around for her and the first for him. Menashe, who is well into his thirties, was once considered one of the most elusive bachelors in showbiz. Harel has been fitted for a romantic gown by the Oshida bridal salon in Tel Aviv. Menashe has bought a house in Zichron Yaacov where he and Harel plan to live. ALSO ON their way to the bridal canopy are Lior Miller and Michal Anski, who have been an item for the past six months. He started the new year by offering her a ring and asking her if she'd like to make their relationship permanent. Miller was previously married to Yael Abecassis, who is the mother of his son. Since their divorce, Abecassis set up house with millionaire businessman and philanthropist Roni Douek, by whom she had a child while he was still married to his wife Evelyn (a cultured beauty and philanthropist in her own right). Miller and Ansky plan to marry in the summer. TWO OF Israel's most outrageous and candid broadcasters have been stricken by cancer. Shamira Imber and Natan Zahavi, friends since their teens and now in their early sixties, plan to continue in their respective careers while fighting the disease. Zahavi is less inclined to talk about his illness than Imber, who has never had any compunction about sharing the most intimate details of her life with listeners. ON A more upbeat note, singer and song writer Yigal Bashan is planning a gala production to celebrate close to four decades in show business. Bashan who is best known for his song "Yesh li tzipor ketana balev" (I have a small bird in my heart), has written hundreds of songs, several of which have become hits. His new milestone show will include 17 musicians and three female back-up singers. In addition to his musical career, Bashan has a weekly current affairs program on Israel Radio in which he comments on the week's events.