Organizers unveil diverse Israel Festival program

Highlights to come from foreign countries as theme of 2007 event titled, "A Small Global Village."

bubble israel festival 8 (photo credit: Courtesy Photo)
bubble israel festival 8
(photo credit: Courtesy Photo)
Hundreds of performers from countries around the world will descend on Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Holon and Haifa next month as part of the country's annual Israel Festival, one of the biggest, most prestigious cultural events of the year. Festival performances don't begin until the end of May, but tickets for the event's dozens of shows go on sale today, with productions from China, Spain, Germany and Uzbekistan among the most heavily anticipated of the two-week event. Visiting teams of dancers, singers, acrobats and actors will join Israelis from a variety of fields for the festival, with each of the event's four host cities focusing on a different artistic discipline as part of this year's festival. Haifa will offer many of the festival's adult theatrical productions, while Holon will stage most of its child-friendly plays and other performances. Modern and classical dance will take center stage at Tel Aviv's Suzanne Dellal Dance Center and other venues, while Jerusalem will make use of both its indoor and outdoor performances spaces as part of its involvement in the heavily attended arts showcase. Highlights of the 46th Israel Festival are expected to come from countries around the world - a hope in keeping with the theme of the 2007 Israel Festival, "A Small Global Village." Professional bubble-blower Pep Bou should provide some of the festival's more unconventional performances with a show developed in his native Spain, while the Hungarian actors of the Katona Theater will inject a classical Greek touch to the festival with performances of Medea. Other foreign highlights should include performances by China's Acrobatic Circus of Wan and a production by Uzbekistan's Ilkhom Theater, whose play about the conflict between secularism and Islam will serve as the first official performance by a theater company from the Muslim-majority nation in Israel. Israelis from a variety of artistic backgrounds will also perform in the festival, with classical and jazz concerts taking their place on the schedule alongside flute and piano shows. Pop stars including Daniel Solomon, Ivri Lider and Shlomi Shaban will also take the stage, as will additional musical groups from England, Russia, Canada and Cuba. Tickets for shows range in price between NIS 10 and 165, with organizers offering discounts to those purchasing tickets to three or more shows. Further information is available at and at 1-700-702-015.