The Weekly Schmooze: Seinfeld opens his vault

A 'Jpost' column wrapping up the hottest Jewish culture news worldwide: Bar Refaeli in army gear; Jewish food's redemption.

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This was a good week for Seinfeld: fans. Last Friday, comedian Jerry Seinfeld launched his website. The comic has over 1,000 videos in his vault, and plans to release three each day. "When I was 10 years old, I started watching stand up comedians on TV," Seinfeld wrote on the site. "Somewhere out there are 10-year-olds like I was, just waiting to get hooked on this strange pursuit. This is for them. I'm just hoping somehow it will keep this silliness going."Here's a taste of what you can see on the site – Seinfeld's first television appearance:
"Seinfeld" producer and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star Larry David was cast in the upcoming Three Stooges reboot – as a nun. A nun named Mother Mengele. No information has been released as to the connection between the Three Stooges and the infamous Nazi war criminal. We'll have to wait until the film comes out next year.
On an entirely different note, Maxim released its "Hot 100" list last week and three of
the top ten women are Jewish. Mila Kunis is at number five, with Bar Refaeli right after, and Natalie Portman in the eighth spot. Other Jewish women on the list are actresses Lea Michele, Emmy Rossum and Emmanuelle Chriqui. For the full list, click here.
In other Bar Refaeli news, the Israeli supermodel posed topless in this month's GQ Italia, which had an army theme. Refaeli controversially got married in order to avoid serving in the IDF, but had no problem donning military-inspired garb for the Italian men's magazine under the headline "Bar Refaeli: Fighting for Peace."
Did you hear about the haredi newspaper that removed Hillary Clinton from the famous photo of the Situation Room on the day of Osama bin Laden's death? The doctored photo has been made waves on the internet, and Stephen Colbert had his own take on it:
If you noticed some familiar faces in the crowds celebrating Independence Day, it may be because the stars of the popular TV show "House" visited Israel this week. Omar Epps and Jesse Gordon Spencer, a.k.a. Dr. Eric Foreman and Dr. Robert Chase, as well as Epps's wife, Keisha Epps and the show's creator and executive producer David Shore and wife Judy took part in Independence Day celebrations. They visited the Tel Aviv beaches, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and the Galilee. They also met with Israeli actors and visited the Israel Center for Medical Simulation at the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer. Hugh Laurie, who plays the show's title character, Dr. House, did not join them.
Last week, the Schmooze featured a Jewish food critic that hates Jewish food. This week, Jewish food was redeemed when three out of eight regional James Beard Awards – the Oscars of food - went to Jewish chefs. Michael Solomonov won for his Israeli-influenced Zahav restaurant in Philadelphia, and made sure to mention that it was Israeli Independence Day when he won the award. Other Jewish winners were Tony Maws of Cambridge, Massachusetts and Michael Tusk of San Francisco. In addition, another member of the tribe, Richard Melman, won Outstanding Restaurateur, and this year's Outstanding Restaurant, Eleven Madison Park, is owned by Danny Meyer.
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