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The new Just wallets look like the perfect pocketbook item for a younger crowd, with their bold colors and a funky heart-shaped clip that closes the compartment containing bills and credit cards.

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just wallet 88
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The new Just wallets look like the perfect pocketbook item for a younger crowd, with their bold colors (orange, green, purple, black or brown) and a funky heart-shaped clip that closes the compartment containing bills and credit cards. On the other side, there is room for more credit cards in a compartment that opens with a push-button, and in the middle the wallet has a zipper compartment for coins. The wallet looks compact, but when filled up, it is kind of bulky. The design is fashionable, it is practical enough in use and the price is right: NIS 49.90 to NIS 89.90, depending on the size. Just wallets and bags are available in the Tik HaTikim, Just and Arnakei Shula stores. The Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm takes off your make-up - including tough-to-get-off make-up with sunscreen. The white balm has a solid texture when sitting in the jar, but when you apply it and massage it into your skin, it becomes an oily liquid because of the heat generated by rubbing. The balm was found to be a little too oily by our test subject, but not unpleasant, and it rinses off easily with lukewarm water. The skin is left feeling soft, and is ready for the Clinique three-step program: soap, tonic, moisturizing lotion. The price for a 125 ml. jar of Take the Day Off is NIS 165. Chanel has a new line of compact cream, fluid make-up and concealer called Vitalumiare, all packed in elegant looking bottles with a black cap, as you would expect from this chic fashion house. The Satin Smooth Cr∂me Concealer with anti-fatigue ingredients I tried has to be applied with a little brush and has a thick consistency. After applying, you blend it in with your fingertips; I'm more used to liquid concealers and find those easier to apply, but the end result was very nice. The cream is not cakey and covers fine lines and dark circles perfectly. The price for the Vitalumi∂re concealer is NIS 270. The Dior Style Liner, a liquid eyeliner, comes in a very stylish silver container with a long black lid. A friend who tried this product was very enthusiastic about this eyeliner, something she doesn't always wear. The brush was small and fine, which makes for a fine line on the eye. The Style Liner was rated a top class product, and you can find it at the SuperPharm stores for NIS 162. A new line of CryOx3 facial products was tried and tested by a 60-year-old friend who liked the serum, cream, gel and mask very much, although she felt she personally needed a cream that was a bit more moisturizing, and the CryOx3 cream might be better for someone a little younger. The unique feature of the CryOx3 products is that they generate a cooling when applied, and this helps to "lift" the skin. The products indeed feel cool to the skin, something that is pleasant and calming. The Perfect Moisturizing Gel received high marks. To keep the products cool, they are packed inside little bottles that look like a thermos. The Perfect Smoothing Serum is NIS 270 for 50 ml., the Perfect Anti-Ageing Cream is NIS 240 for 50 ml., the Perfect Moisturizing Gel is NIS 190 for 30 ml., and the Radiance Perfect Mask, to be used once or twice a week, is NIS 210 for 50 ml. The CryOx3 products are available at selected beauticians; for information, call 02-5374546. Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Brilliance Sparkling Touch for Lips are lip glosses that make your lips sparkle. They can be used alone, or you can apply them on top of another lipstick for a glossy effect. The gloss is applied with the "magic" brush on one side of the gloss, after pressing a button on the other side to make the gloss come out, and it supposedly tastes like mango, for added sensual pleasure. The effect of the sparkling gold gloss I tried was quite nice, and it can easily be mixed with other colors; the Touche Brilliance is also available in the colors diamond, bright pink and red, and costs NIS 148.