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A teenage girl was pleased with the new fragrance for women by United Colors of Benetton, called Cumbia Colors.

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united cologne 88
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Sunglasses from the new Looka summer collection have lenses that are dark enough to protect the eyes. Their tint is somewhat orange, so the world looks a lot more cheerful, and flowers especially become more intense in color when viewed through these glasses. The frame on the pair I tried is dark, with rectangular lenses and thick arms inscribed with the Looka logo; even my seven-year old commented they look really "cool" (unfortunately, the rest of my outfit earned a less enthusiastic review). You can get Looka sunglasses at the SuperPharm chain for NIS 189.90, expensive enough that you'd be sorry to lose them, but reasonable compared to other brand names. A friend loved the L'Oreal Collagen Filler Wrinkle Decrease cream, which comes in a handy tube and could easily be taken along on a vacation. My friend used the cream mainly around the eyes and mouth and on her forehead, where little wrinkles are most visible. The cream left her skin feeling super-smooth. The collagen in the cream supposedly fills in the wrinkles and smoothes them out; top model Claudia Schiffer is starring in the publicity campaign for this product, although I don't see how she needs collagen fillers with her skin. The price for a 30 ml. tube of this cream is NIS 170. With summer fast approaching, we would probably all like to look at least one size slimmer, especially when it comes to the belly and hips. Lanc me has a new cellulite cream called Slim Success, an "anti-cellulite attack serum" that is inspired by the results of surgical liposuction. The name sounds promising and aggressive enough, and the fact that it could even reduce the hip size by 1.9 centimeters after 28 days was enough to keep me motivated. It may be that my hip size is decreasing somewhat, although not very noticeably, but credit for this may also be given to some exercise classes. The cream doesn't sting like other cellulite creams can, and it smells good and makes the skin firmer. A 200 ml. tube of Slim Success is NIS 230. A teenage girl was pleased with the new fragrance for women by United Colors of Benetton, called Cumbia Colors. The bottle itself looks very cheerful, with a design featuring a pink glass, an orange cap and orange writing. The scent is fruity, with a touch of melon, and sweet, but it's not overbearing, intended to evoke thoughts of exotic Caribbean beaches. A 100 ml. bottle is NIS 250; there is also a Cumbia eau de toilette for men. One part of the body that gets more exposure during the summer, and therefore needs a little more attention, is the feet. Vichy has developed a line of products that deal with problems like dry and cracked skin and perspiration. The Podexine Reconditioning Care for Dry Feet feels very thick at first, but after massaging it into the feet, it leaves them feeling nourished and fresh. The cream has just a little bit of a fragrance, which smells somewhat medical but is barely detectable; a 100 ml. tube is NIS 55. Other products in the Podexine series are callosity-correcting cream, anti-perspiration cream, and cream for cracked skin (all NIS 50); Vichy is sold at selected pharmacies only. Clarins has a new, extremely gentle face cleanser, the Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser, with peach essential water. A friend thought that cleaning the make-up off her face was a breeze with this product, and it left the skin feeling really soft; she actually didn't feel the need to apply a cream afterwards. The Water Comfort cleanser is meant for normal to dry skin; for combination or oily skin, Clarins has the Water Purify One-Step-Cleanser with mint essential water. A 200 ml. bottle is NIS 165; Clarins products can be found at SuperPharm stores.