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It turns out that calcium is not just good for your bones, but also helps older skin keep its elasticity. At least this is what the makers of L'Oreal Age Re-Perfect Pro-Calcium claim.

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It turns out that calcium is not just good for your bones, but also helps older skin keep its elasticity. At least this is what the makers of L'Or al Age Re-Perfect Pro-Calcium claim; this face cream is meant for women older than 60 (a much younger-longer 68-year-old Jane Fonda is being used as the product's spokeswoman). Unlike Fonda, a 60-something friend of mine didn't think the cream worked miracles, but it certainly felt good and tightened her skin somewhat, be it thanks to the calcium or not. The price for a 50-ml. jar is NIS 190. Burberry London for men is a distinctive British fragrance, and even the bottle itself has this classic English look, with a piece of the Burberry check fabric wrapped around it. A man who would like to be able to afford much more of a Burberry wardrobe than he has, described the scent as suitably musky and rich, the kind of scent he would wear to English club rooms, if he ever got to such places. A 50-ml. bottle is NIS 305, and 100 ml. is NIS 410. Clarins Advanced Extra-Firming Eye-Contour Serum feels wonderfully refreshing when applied in the morning, something that helps open up your eyes for a new day if you're still feeling sleepy. The Clarins Extra-Firming series of creams is meant for women age 40-plus, whose skin needs a little lift. The serum really moisturizes the delicate skin around the eyes, without leaving it feeling greasy; also available is an Extra-Firming Eye Contour Cream, recommended for nighttime use. It's a shame the eye serum and eye cream are a little expensive: a 30-ml. bottle is NIS 318. Clarins products are available exclusively at the SuperPharm chain. The little evening bags by Naor Jacobi are the perfect accessory for a New Year's Eve party to complement a pretty dress. The bags are made out of beads and have a zipper with a press-fastener on each end, which makes the bag fold up in a kind of triangle shape when closed. The bag holds little more than your cellphone, keys, lipstick, tissues and whatever other absolute necessities you need to have with you. Dangling from your wrist, its glittery look will attract attention. The price for the evening bags, available in six different colors, is NIS 198. Maybelline's Dream Mousse Blush is a creamy blush that is easily applied with your finger tips, and sits in a small container that you can take with you in your purse to touch up your blush, if necessary. The mauve color I tried was actually more of a soft pink, not very noticeable. You can also mix some blush with lip gloss, and use it to color your lips, so this product is multifunctional. In spite of the easy use and creamy feel, I still think a powder blush gives nicer results. The Cream Blush is available in three different shades, at NIS 75 for a seven-ml. jar (NIS 49 until the end of December). Titanium has a new series of skin care products especially designed for men, enriched with aloe vera and vitamins. The Gentle Face Scrub felt refreshing to my husband's skin, a little abrasive, but not too much; you're supposed to use it two to three times a week. A 150 ml. tube is NIS 60. Also available in the Titanium Skin series for men are a Daily Moisturizing Cream (NIS 100), a Daily Facial Lotion (NIS 90), and a Refreshing Face Wash (NIS 55).