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Maybelline's, news, Water Shine Fusion actually combines a lipstick and gloss in one.

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lipstick 88
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Maybelline has a new product for lips that actually combines a lipstick and gloss in one, the Water Shine Fusion, and there is no need to first apply the lipstick, wait, and then apply the gloss. The lipstick contains enough moisturizers to feel pleasant, but the result is less shiny than with a regular gloss; for some this is an advantage, since your lips do feel less sticky. The application surface is quite small, making it a bit tricky to apply an even layer of color in one shot. The colors available, 15 in all, are very nice for the winter season; the price for the Water Shine Fusion is NIS 65. A colleague was very pleased with the new Soft Touch day cream and eye cream, part of a series of products carrying the enigmatic name Interact Biomimetic Action. The Nutrimoist day cream and Eyelift eye cream both felt very refreshing and smelled great. Biomimetic Action creams contain the ingredient ameliox, supposedly a safe alternative to Botox. Of course you cannot obtain such dramatic results with a cream, but if you can avoid the Botox injections, all the better. The cream is suitable for all skin types; a 50 ml. jar of Nutrimoist is NIS 170, and the Eyelift eye cream is NIS 155 for 30 ml. The new Miracle Block marketed by the academy for beauticians Gallery, does wonders for your nails when you don't have the time to really polish them. By first rubbing your nails with the pink side and then turning it around and doing the same with the white side, you obtain shiny nails without any effort; you can even use the block when traveling on the bus, or sitting in front of your computer screen. The Miracle Block is NIS 18, and one block is good for about 10 treatments; to find out where to get it, call 1-700-673-9919. Shiseido's The Makeup Lifting Foundation is a light-weight, soft foundation that feels like you're not wearing any make-up, while still providing excellent coverage. The foundation supposedly evens out wrinkles and moisturizes skin; a bonus is that it contains a sun protection factor of 15, a plus in our climate, even during the winter months. The price, as with all Shisheido products, is in the high range: a 30 ml. bottle with pump dispenser is NIS 350. The red-colored Celine Fever eau de parfum, packed in a red carton to accentuate the "fever" aspect of the name, was described as sweet but subtle by a friend who now loves to wear it. This flowery and oriental fragrance by the French fashion house Celine is good for the winter months, when you might like to put on something a bit heavier; a 50 ml. bottle is NIS 317, and 100 ml. is NIS 449. A Celine Fever version for men is also available. Avon's Skin So Soft Replenishing Dry Oil Body Spray is a body oil in a spray flacon, a very convenient way to moisturize your skin after a shower or bath. The oil is absorbed very quickly and doesn't feel greasy at all, and leaves your skin feeling super-soft. The spray smells pleasant, with a hint of almond, and the fragrance is supposed to keep away mosquitoes too, a bonus even during the winter months. A 150 ml. bottle is NIS 69; you can purchase Avon products through Avon sales representatives only (03-6485316).