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A friend with the right age for Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream & Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate - meant for women age 50 and up - reported back that she loved these products.

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A friend with the right age for Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream and the Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate - meant for women age 50 and up - reported back that she loved these products. She found the scent of the cream pleasant and it put a lot of moisture back into her skin. The sun-protection factor of 20 in the day-cream worked so well that she remained pale even after being out in the sun quite a bit. She used the eye serum both for the area around her eyes and for her upper-lip area to combat fine lines. The products seemed to really work, so it's too bad they're on the expensive side: a 50 ml. jar of the day cream is NIS 566.50, and the eye serum is NIS 400 for 15 ml. Clarins products are available at the SuperPharm stores. Finding good cleansers that are compatible with your skin is tough. A colleague who tried Cr ma's new face wash found it to be a mild, creamy formula that didn't dry her skin or leave it feeling overly moist. The scent is light and soapy and it foams easily on the face. It doesn't stand out significantly from other face soaps, but it does the trick, leaving the face feeling clean and refreshed. However, the Cr ma face peeling solution was not as mild as its cleanser. The scent was much more pronounced - almost perfumed - and there weren't as many cleansing granules in the soapy solution as she would have expected for a peeling solution. It was fairly similar to other peeling solutions she tried and didn't hit the mark like Cr ma's face wash. The price for both products is right, though: only NIS 19.90 for 180 ml. The elegant Looka wallet that's traveling in pocketbooks nowadays is not only a beautiful asset but very functional as well. The soft leather wallet closes with a clip on one side and is divided in two compartments; it also has room for tons of credit cards and all the other plastic cards you have to show everywhere you go now. The leather comes in two different colors and looks like animal skin; Looka also has matching handbags in this two-colored leather series. The price for the wallet is NIS 400, and the handbags vary from NIS 700 to NIS 1,200; Looka can be found in the Tik HaTikim, Loopa and Beginda stores. L'Ore'al has a new facial kit to renew your skin called ReNoviste, consisting of three different products that supposedly renew skin cells and tighten the collagen in your skin. First, you apply a peeling solution and leave it on for five minutes; after the peeling, you apply a cream to neutralize the peeling effect, wash it off with water and then apply the final product, an anti-wrinkle cream, which completes the effect of the peeling. A friend who used the kit faithfully said it was a lot of work, since you have to go through this every other day for a month, but her skin looks very good after completion of the treatment. A ReNoviste kit, containing enough cream for 12 treatments, is NIS 250. Maria Galland has a Luxury Loose Powder that comes in a very elegant silver-colored box. The powder is not something you can easily put in your handbag, as it is a bit bulky. It comes with a special application sponge with two sides - one regular and the other, black, containing minuscule sparkles. You can use the black side for an evening out or to accentuate certain parts of the face or the de'collete'; I found that the sparkles were hardly noticeable, though. The powder is transparent and should be used on top of other make-up to even out the complexion; a jar, available at select beauticians, is NIS 220. Calvin Klein's Obsession Night eau de parfum was judged by a colleague to be a very sexy scent, somewhere in between fruity and sultry. She said it smells almost as though it has a touch of men's cologne, which cuts the sweet part of the smell, and she enjoys wearing it during the day as well. Obsession Night is also available in a version for men; a 50 ml. bottle is NIS 345, and 100 ml. is NIS 462.