A lotta Chocolata

Tel Aviv has a new candy store with an exquisite array of choices

Chocolata (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Ibn Gvirol Street in Tel Aviv has become somewhat of a Chocolate Mile in recent years, with a luxury chocolate shop opening up on every corner. With such fierce competition, it’s the job of each individual outlet to up their game and offer discerning Tel Aviv chocolate lovers something unique. A recent trip to the aptly named Chocolata store near Rabin Square proved that this newcomer to the scene is likely to be around for quite some time.
With more than 400 varieties of luxury chocolates from around the world, it’s easy to get wrapped up in it all the second you walk through the door of the small, intimate shop. Wrappers glisten from the shelves of the European influenced space, which was carefully designed and cost around NIS 1 million.
The Tel Aviv store is part of a successful chain that began in Haifa in 2005. After years of success throughout Israel, the chain has reached the pinnacle and became part of the Ibn Gvirol elite, explains one of owners, Eyal Shababo.
What makes Chocolata different from other chocolate shops on the Mile is that it doesn’t have a huge selection of loose individual chocolates. Instead, its main attraction is the sheer choice and diversity of different packaged chocolates from around the world.
After a thorough look at all the shiny packages, it’s actually hard to find a regular bar of milk chocolate. But there’s always the supermarket for that. Some of the more weird and wonderful flavors on offer include dark chocolate with chilli and specialty Jack Daniels bars that contain small shots of the famous whiskey, encased in intense chocolate.
The friendly staff are more than knowledgeable about the world of chocolate and are able to answer any cocoa-related question. They also have an excellent eye for design and will help customers create a whole range of specialty gifts using the chocolates.
The quality and selection of chocolates on offer does, however, come at a price. As most of the chocolates are imported and fall into the luxury category, prices are quite high, with many of the bars of chocolates hitting the NIS 20 price range or over. But these aren’t your average bars of Elite chocolate that are available anywhere. For those looking for quality products that are worth their price, Chocolata is the place to go.The writer was a guest of the shop.
Chocolata 48 Ibn Gvirol, Tel Aviv (03) 527-5626