Holiday In: Food for the Seder

How about making it a little easier on yourself this year? Order in at least some of the holiday dishes.

Sander (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Forget spending hours in the kitchen. Here are a few of the restaurants and delicatessens that will gladly do it for you. Many delis and restaurants offer traditional and upgraded dishes for the Passover Seder. So if you are not keen on preparing gefilte fish but are not ready to buy the canned ones or if you don’t have the energy to make chopped liver, here are several options in the Tel Aviv area. For more options, try calling your favorite local restaurants.
Yaffo-Tel Aviv, the restaurant of celebrity chef Haim Cohen, has joined the roster of places offering ready-made food. Add a touch of gourmet to your table with such dishes as sea fish patties (NIS 32 for 100 gr.); haroset (NIS 30 for 250 gr.); lamb shoulder (NIS 400 for 1 kg.); or lemon meringue pie (NIS 64).
98 Yigal Allon Street, Tel Aviv, (03) 624-9249
The Mitbahon has the whole Seder dinner menu, from matzaball soup (NIS 50 for a liter) to haroset and goulash (NIS 75 for a liter). Orders will be accepted up to 48 hours before the holiday.
18 Rabbi Akiva Street, Tel Aviv, (03) 516-3689
Another Tel Aviv establishment, Hashaked, has a collection of salads and appetizers that includes gefilte fish (NIS 18); herring (NIS 18); and chopped liver (NIS 20 for 250 gr.).
90 Hashmonaim Street, Tel Aviv, (03) 561-0546
For real Eastern European Jewish cuisine, try Sander. They will deliver a full kosher Seder meal to your doorstep, including gefilte fish and chopped liver (NIS 25), as well as main dishes such as veal tongue with mushroom, beef stew, goose a la orange and fruit compote.
54 Lewinsky Street, Tel Aviv, (03) 537-1872
Zuk Farm in Ramat Aviv, a delicatessen and butcher, has an extensive menu for the Seder.
The choices include chopped liver (NIS 80 per kg.); gefilte fish (NIS 13 each); chicken soup (NIS 24 for ½ liter); matza balls (NIS 2 each); and an array of main dishes such as lamb chops and beef Bourguignon and kosherfor- Passover schnitzel for the kids. They also offer ready to cook dishes and tangy relishes, such as onion jam and many other delicatessen items and desserts.
5 Perlok Street, Ramat Aviv, 077- 515-5905
Chef To Go Yoav Bar will deliver a meal of individual or sharing gourmet dishes, such as gourmet salads, vegetarian patties, liver pâté, salmon and many other upscale dishes.
To order, call (03) 603-6666; 050-811-7788
For versatility, try Yummi, the online home-cook site where you can choose from traditional cuisines of all the Diaspora, as well as modern gourmet, vegetarian and vegan options. You can order matza balls from one cook and the soup from another. And if you are having guests from different backgrounds or dietary choices, Yummi may be the solution. A full vegetarian meal costs NIS 121 per person.
(03) 716-0699;
If it’s the desserts you’re struggling with, try Moving Bakery.
Chef Eliran Daphni offers a selection of kosher for Passover cakes and pies, such as a wonderful orange cake with cashew crumble and a vanilla poppy seed cake.
308 Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv, (03) 544-1174
Another baker, Yaron Ben- Harush of Crust, will offer a selection have a selection of peanut and chocolate petit fours, almond cakes, coconut cookies and more.
(09) 887-8226;
Biscotti Bakery
in Bnei Brak has an extensive Passover dessert menu that includes cakes, cookies and pudding.
67 Hayarkon Street, Bnei Brak