Jerusalem's Top 5 cosiest coffee shops

In winter, the best place is home unless it’s drinking a steaming cup of something in a warm coffee shop.

Tmol Shilshom cafe 311 (photo credit: Ivan Tikienko)
Tmol Shilshom cafe 311
(photo credit: Ivan Tikienko)
1. Café Kadosh Walk past Café Kadosh any time of day and you’re guaranteed to see it bustling with people who are drawn to its homely, warm atmosphere and homemade food. The menu includes a variety of fresh pasta dishes, fresh and smoked fish, quiches, lasagnes, salads, sandwiches, baked goods and desserts. It is the perfect place to linger over a cup of hot chocolate, to catch up with a friend, or watch the crowds go by from a window seat.
Kosher Dairy
6 Shlomzion Street
Tmol Shilshom  (Photo: Ivan Tikienko)Tmol Shilshom (Photo: Ivan Tikienko)
2. Tmol Shilshom A favourite with avid readers and writers, this rustic bookstore-café-restaurant in Nahalat Shiva is steeped in character and charm. Named after one of S.Y. Agnon’s novels, Tmol Shilshom is situated in a 130-year-old building. The café holds regular events in English and Hebrew as well as readings by famous writers. And, the food is good too – the Amanda’s salad, cheesecake and the delicious buffet brunch (Fridays only). Tmol Shilshom is the perfect spot to curl up on a comfortable chair with a good book.
Kosher Dairy
5 Yoel Salomon Street
Lechem Shel TomerLechem Shel Tomer
3. Lechem Shel Tomer This little coffee shop-bakery has a village-like feel with quaint and tasteful décor. The crusty breads are healthy and delicious and best enjoyed with delicious spreads such as sundried tomato, pesto and olive tapenade. Alternatively, treat yourself to one of the bakery’s sweeter offerings. Lechem Shel Tomer is a good place to enjoy an intimate chat and take refuge from the cold.
Kosher Dairy
30 Azza Street
4. The Coffee Mill (Tachanat Hacafe) This is the place for coffee aficionados with a big exotic assortment of coffees to choose from and an irresistible, rich aroma of freshly ground coffee beans. Situated on trendy Emek Refaim Street, this coffee shop has a lot of character with a strong New York feel. It’s the perfect place to savor a good cup of quality coffee, catch up on some emails, take it easy and enjoy life.
Kosher Dairy
23 Emek Refaim Street
5. Café Mizrachi – Everything for the Baker and Coffee Too (Mizrachi Hakol La’ofeh v’gam Café) Tucked away in one of the aisles of the Mahane Yehuda marketplace, otherwise known as the shuk, is this gem of a place that serves excellent salads, sandwiches, soups and cakes. It has a cosy, vibrant atmosphere and is the perfect spot to head to before, during or after a shop at the shuk. The café is one of the few places in the shuk to remain open late and it’s worth going especially to experience the bourgeois coffee culture.
Kosher Dairy
12 Hashazif Street, Mahane Yehuda Market
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