Top 5: Sushi spots in Tel Aviv

With sushi on offer all over the city, it's hard to choose the right place; Taste TLV looks at some of the best.

kosher sushi  370 (photo credit: Courtesy)
kosher sushi 370
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Fu Sushi Fu sushi resides on Yirmiyahu, one of the most desirable streets in Tel Aviv, in the city’s Old North area. The restaurant has a huge patio, and its’ proximity to the beach provides a great breeze year round.
The diverse menu offers traditional Japanese dishes alongside a huge sushi menu. The fish always tastes super fresh and the prices are reasonable. The selection of specialty rolls on offer is bigger than at most other sushi places.
Recommend Roll: Tuna arugula sashimi roll - This creative roll includes tuna wrapped around avocado, arugula, and capers, offering a slight bite from the capers and crunch from the arugula, which perfectly offsets the tenderness of the tuna.Tasters Tip: The restaurant itself is quite roomy, so getting a table here isn’t too difficult, although a reservation is always a safer bet.
Yirmiyahu 32, Tel Aviv (03) 605-1000
Not kosher
Touted by many as the best sushi restaurant in Tel Aviv, step off of Ha’arba’a Street and into Onami, and you’ll be transported to a traditional eatery reminiscent of those in Tokyo.
With the minimal, Zen-like interior and elegant service, Onami pays respect to Japanese tradition, by showing an appreciation and respect for quality. The fish is fresh, the selection is simple and the sake is smooth.
Recommended Roll: Onami Dream - A luscious inside out roll with a delectable blend of shrimp tempura, salmon, salmon roe, shiitake, tamago, and pickled vegetables. The mix of soft and crunchy and sweet and salty is the perfect mouthful.Taster’s Tip: Make sure to go to Onami between Tuesday and Friday. In Israel fish is delivered every Monday and Thursday, that way you can guarantee the fish is the freshest.
HaArba’a 18, Tel Aviv (03) 562-1172
Not kosher
Moon While Tel Aviv is bursting with sushi restaurants, one of my favorites is Moon, the first in Israel to feature a conveyer belt. Casual, yet trendy, patrons can sit and gather around the huge sushi bar or grab a table for a more intimate meal.Moon is located on Bugrashov Street in the center of Tel Aviv. Even weeknights call for a reservation here, as locals and tourists alike pour in regularly, making it one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in the city. From the noticeable freshness of the fish to the perfectly soft rice, everything on the menu is a delicious and safe choice.
Recommended Roll: Soben Oshi - Rectangles of salmon, tuna, yellowtail, avocado, sweet potato, green onions, and tempura. It’s a fun and delicious way to eat sushi.Tasters Tip: Every Sunday Moon has really great deals on the sushi conveyor belt, so a Sunday stop is worth the savings.
58 Bograshov, Tel Aviv 057-942-6861
Not Kosher
Sushi Basel
Centered in the merry pathways of Basel Square, sits elegantly amidst the specialty stores and quaint restaurants. The dark and modern interior sets a pleasant tone for an intimate dinner and the fine selection of sushi and appetizers keep the palate satisfied.
Recommended Roll: The Spider Roll - A classic and fresh take on a roll filled with soft shell crab tempura, cucumber, and daikon and lightly drizzled with a homemade tangy eel sauce. Classic and delicious.
Taster’s Tip: Sushi Basel is best of all the places for an intimate and quiet meal. The calm atmosphere makes it a great place for a special date or an important meeting.Ashtorie Hapharchi Street 20 057-944-2906
Not kosher
Zepra, one of the most unique restaurants in Tel Aviv, is not only a sushi bar, but a top notch Asian style bistro. It’s chic and delicious enough to attract Tel Aviv’s hippest, coolest crowds.
Located on Yigal Alon, this sprawling restaurant features floor to ceiling panes of glass, modern furnishings, and a super trendy vibe. From salmon sashimi to taro root dumplings filled with black mushrooms, Zepra’s menu is a heaven for the senses.
From Japanese-inspired curries to creative Chinese noodle dishes featuring duck and chuck, there is something for everyone at this amazing restaurant. It is an awesome place for a special occasion or a night on the town.
Recommended Roll: The Tokyo Tuna Sashimi - A dynamic blend of Yellow Fin Tuna Sashimi, Ponzu pickled onions, and ginger balls
Tasters Tip: Zepra has a nice children’s menu, so it’s a great place to visit with the whole family.
Yigal Alon 96, Tel Aviv (03) 624-0044
Not kosher
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