What will you drink in the succa?

Wineries and wine shops are offering special deals for the holiday season.

Wine (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
All wineries offer special wines and deals for the holidays, so this is a good opportunity to stock up on wines.
This year a few wineries launched new wines to mark the beginning of the year.
Shaked, an established wine importing and distributing company, started producing its own wines called Derech Eretz.
The wines – Merlot,Cabarnet Sauvignon and Emerald Riesling – are all moderately priced and give good value for money. The reds cost NIS 39.90 and the Riesling NIS 29.90. Available at wine shops.
Tabor winery launched the first two wines in their new limited edition series, offering small editions of only between 6.000 and 13.000 bottles from each wine in the series.
All the wines are from 2006. The grapes for the limited edition wines were hand picked, and only the perfect bunches were chosen.
The 6.000 (60% Cabernet and 40% Merlot) are from grapes grown in the Upper Galilee Emek Kadesh, a classic old world elegant and exceptional wine. NIS 140.
The 13.000, which is 70% Cabarnet Sauvignon and 30% Shiraz, is grown in Ramot Naphtaly. It is an elegant, full-bodied Australian-style balanced wine. NIS 100.
Hakerem imports a selection of kosher moderately priced wines, including wines and Cava from Spain,Chile and Italy. Prices range between NIS 36 and NIS 49 or three for NIS 100.
Available at supermarkets and wine stores.
A more exclusive collection of imported and local wines is offered by the France-Israel wine company. They suggest choosing Bazelet Hagolan Cabernet Sauvignon Bronze 2009 for the holidays, a great choice for a hearty holiday dinner. NIS 110.
Vitkin winery is celebrating its 10th anniversary with two new wines.
One is a superb dry Riesling 2009 from the Jerusalem mountains slopes. The grape is a 100% Johannesburg Riesling, hand picked and pressed very shortly after picking. The wine is aromatic, crisp and balanced.
The other new wine is the 2008 Petite Syrah from the Judean slopes.
Although young, it already has a deep purple color, full body and rich, sweet aromas of berries. Lehaim!
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