Food Tidbits

Adama has some organic dried fruits, ideal for your Tu Bishvat celebrations or as a snack at any time.

Adama has some organic dried fruits, ideal for your Tu Bishvat celebrations or as a snack at any time. The four available varieties are dried bananas, raisins, dried apricots and dried figs. Because the fruit is dried without the use of added preservatives, the apricot will have a dark color (instead of the conventional orange), and you will have to keep them in the fridge. Prices vary from NIS 14.90 to NIS 19.90 for a 250 gr. package. Kliat Gat also has packages of dried fruit for Tu Bishvat, packed in handy 200 gr. boxes. The varieties are dark raisins, light raisins, apricots, dates and plums. The prices vary from NIS 6 to NIS 9. The Brazilian company Vitao now brings four types of cereals with dried fruit to Israel: granola with banana and strawberry, granola with wheat germ and sesame, granola with nuts and coconut and a sugar-free granola with fruit. A 300 gr. package, available in health food stores and at the Rami Levi chain, is NIS 13. If you have an occasion to celebrate, you can bring out the Yarden Blanc de Blanc sparkling white wine, prepared according to the traditional champagne method. Champagne is often made from a blend of grapes, but this Blanc de Blanc 2000 is made solely from chardonnay grapes. A bottle is NIS 105. Another drink that is good to have at a party is Absolut Vodka, now available in a special, limited edition called Absolut Bling Bling. This gold-colored bottle will be festive to the eye as well. A one-liter bottle is NIS 110. If you like to prepare cholent or other winter stews, the packages of beans or grains from Chef Ha'Briut might come in handy. There are four different mixes suitable for specific dishes: a mix of different colored lentils, a mix of grains (millet, bulgur and quinoa), a mix of buckwheat, brown rice and pearl barley and a mix of white beans, red beans and chickpeas. One package is enough for one meal for four to five people. A 300 gr. bag is NIS 8. Kids will love the new Mama Of schnitzels in the shape of a dragon, a castle or a fairy, so they can act out fairy-tale stories on their plate. A 700 gr. package of these Fantasia schnitzels, available in the frozen food department, is NIS 24.90. Pomegranates are a healthful fruit, containing lots of anti-oxidants, and the pomegranate juices are becoming very popular. Prigat now offers a pomegranate-apple nectar, containing 45% fruit. A one-liter carton is NIS 4.50 to NIS 5.