Meaty agenda

Skewering meat is our favorite sport, thought Tomer Levi when he opened Agenda.

grilled meat 88 (photo credit: )
grilled meat 88
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This week thousands of Israeli families storm the national parks armed with charcoal grills, gallons of barbecue sauce and hundreds of skewers. This scene makes it clear: skewering meat is our favorite sport. At least, that's what Tomer Levi was thinking when he opened Agenda, a grill restaurant in Tel Aviv. Offering authentic Israeli food at reasonable prices, Agenda joins the hip and trendy restaurants at the harbor compound. The menu includes no less than 28 homemade Israeli salads, fresh pita baked on the premises in a large taboon oven, roasted eggplant with green tahina, and of course, a variety of skewered meats. Agenda, Israeli grill, harbor compound, Tel Aviv. Open daily from 11 a.m to 5 a.m. (kosher, no certificate)