dEUS ex Europa

dEUS released its first album,Worst Case Scenario, in 1994 on Island Records, a major international label.

dEUS, the band that emerged from the vibrant Antwerp indie music scene during the early 1990s, is kicking off its 2006 international tour with three performances in Israel. The five-member group is touring to promote Pocket Revolution, its sixth album, and its first in five years. Following its initial success as a cover band, dEUS released its first album, Worst Case Scenario, in 1994 on Island Records, a major international label. It received much acclaim for its two singles "Suds and Soda" and "Via." Mainly limited to a cult following in the United States, where not all the band's albums have been released, dEUS has a similar following in Israel, with the majority of its local air time being on 88 FM and Tel Aviv University's Kol HaCampus. Despite its niche appeal, the band is recognized as one of the only Belgian outfits to garner critical praise beyond the boundaries of Europe - as much as for its improvisational avant grunge sound. With influences ranging from folk to punk to jazz and progressive rock, dEUS has been compared to such groups as the alternative rock trio PJ Harvey and the punkish Girls Against Boys, both of which also experienced niche success during the 1990s. The band's sound is also similar to that of indie pop group Mercury Rev, which also recently performed here. Its live performances, which have been described as irreverent and free-form, feature instruments beyond the typical rock combination, including the electric violin and mandolin. Comprised of Tom Barman on lead vocals and guitar and violinist Klass Janzoons (the only original members), as well as drummer Stephane Misseghers, guitarist Maurio Pawlowski and bassist Alan Gevart, the band will appear on February 9 at Tel Aviv's Goldstar Zappa Club at 10 p.m. and the following night at Hama'abada in Jerusalem at 9 p.m. For its final appearance, at 8 p.m. on Saturday, February 11 in Hangar 11 at the Tel Aviv port, dEUS will perform with Israeli rock duo Rami Fortis and Beri Sacharov.