Ehhhhhh, hip hop

Shabak Samech is reuniting for Shavuot.

Thirteen years since releasing the first Israeli hip hop album not about humous, Shabak Samech is here again. The band formed in the mean streets of Yavneh in 1993, becoming the first significant thing to happen to that city since Yochanan Ben Zakay moved the Sanhedrin there following the destruction of the Second Temple. Following in the footsteps of the good Rabbi, who saved the Jewish people from extinction, Shabak Samech saved Israel from believing that hip hop could not work in Hebrew. Between 1995 and 2000, the band released three studio recordings and one live album, with their 1998 album In the Candy Wrapper going gold. Over the years, the band has had four main rappers: Hemi and Miro, who departed for Shabak's second album to perform as Halutzei HaHallal; Nimi Nim, who appeared only on the second album, and then left to work at The Children's Channel; and Mookie, who launched a successful solo career with his hit song "Talking About Peace," and appeared on all of the band's albums. Shabak will be reuniting again this Shavuot, this time including all four of its soloists in a celebration of the band's new single, "Ma Sh'Haya Haya" off of an upcoming album. Joining them at the event will be Los Caparos, Sabo and Kutiman and Hadag Nahash, with reggae sets on the turntables between the live acts. All this at the Banana Beach in Achziv, June 8 at 9 p.m. For tickets call (03) 527-0545.