Rock Bottom

The Gutter Twins come to Tel Aviv.

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gutter twins 88
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In one of my favorite scenes from the life-altering film Fight Club, Tyler Durden and the narrator look at a photo of a model of which Tyler comments, "self-improvement is masturbation, self-destruction on the other hand..." Listening to The Gutter Twins' first album Saturnalia one thing is certain: they are not a couple of masturbators. The album is dark, depressing, cleansing and totally embodies the sex, drugs and violence so elemental when channeling the true spirit of rock n' roll. The Gutter Twins are Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan, the lead singers of the Afghan Whigs and the Screaming Trees, respectively. Both their bands spent the mid-1980s through the late '90s on the fringes of grunge and alternative rock, building up loyal followings of those angry at the world and lying on their bed. Lanegan also collaborated with such bands and artists as Queens of the Stone Age, PJ Harvey and Isobelle Campbell from Belle and Sebastian. Dulli, on his part, after the Whigs broke-up, started The Twilight Singers, who gave two shows when they were in Israel two years ago. That show was considered one of the most riveting to have been had on an Israeli stage. Finally, Dulli, the gutter poet of America, and Lanegan, one of the best composers in the alternative scene, have collaborated to create an album that continues the lines of their separate bands and carries on the search for salvation in this sinful, painful world. And, I like to think, that had Tyler Durden lived to watch his dream fulfilled, he'd probably've been listening to The Gutter Twins as he watched the major credit card companies' offices blow up and fall down. The Gutter Twins take the stage at Tel Aviv's Barby, 52 Kibbutz Galuyot St. at 9 p.m. on September 3 and 4. Tickets are NIS 150-160 and include the great opening act of Assaf Avidan. For more details call (03) 518-8123