Streams of Jew-stars

Recent happenings in the Jewish rock scene, including the Moshav band and C Lanzbom.

moshav band 88.298 (photo credit: )
moshav band 88.298
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The leader in Jewish rock management and event production, Pirsumei Nisa has huge plans for the rest of the month. Just a few weeks after its successful Neshama Carlebach Hanukka tour - which featured two shows in which Carlebach collaborated with Israeli pop star Etti Ankri - the firm has announced plans for more exciting cross-pollinations, as well as an all-star mini-festival. C Lanzbom is probably the most refined and flavored lead guitarist working in Jewish rock today, and together with the world chant styles of Noah Solomon, the two always make for an entertaining show - either accompanied by a full band as Soulfarm, or as the stripped-down, acoustic-driven duo that frequently headlines Pirsumei Nisa's home venue, Club Tzora. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles-based Moshav Band is in a state of flux. Lead guitarist Meir Solomon has quit and moved back to Israel, and the remaining members have recently released their first major-label CD, Higher and Higher, a best-of collection on JMG/Sony Records, the industry giant that has signed them for their next studio release. The Moshav Band arrives in Israel following two months of gigs all over North America. This Saturday night, Soulfarm and The Moshav Band will be joined by Reva L'Sheva, Naftali Abramson and The Shlomo Katz Band for an all-star mini-festival. Dubbed "Winter Break in Jerusalem," the concert will take place at The Jerusalem Great Synagogue, with doors opening at 8. Tickets cost NIS 70 at the door. Reva L'Sheva is currently promoting its latest studio release, Ve'sham Nashir, while Katz is gearing up for the release of his long-overdue solo debut. Then The Moshav Band and Lanzbom-Solomon are set to appear at Herzliya's Kamelot Club this Sunday, together with Shotei Hanevuah singer/songwriter Gilad Vital. Following the global success of Shotei Hanevuah's first two recordings, Vital is gearing up for the release of his first solo album, with leadoff single "Tikva" already dominating the local radio and music video programs. For more information on this concert, or to purchase tickets, call (09) 958-8993. Doors open at 8:30. The following week, along with Gilad Vital, Lanzbom and Solomon make a special appearance at Binyamina's picturesque Roman amphitheater at Mivtza Shuni, also known as Milestone Club. The show is scheduled for Wednesday, January 25, at 9 p.m. For more information, or to purchase tickets, call (04) 638-8760.