US singer Amanda Palmer to perform in Israel

Controversial star to play one-off gig at Tel Aviv's Barby Club; tickets on sale for NIS 149.

US singer Amanda Palmer 370 (photo credit: Mykal Burns/Wikimedia Commons)
US singer Amanda Palmer 370
(photo credit: Mykal Burns/Wikimedia Commons)
Provocative US singer Amanda Palmer is set to perform in Israel on October 23 at Tel Aviv's legendary Barby Club. Tickets are on sale for NIS 149.
Palmer, who has a diehard following of fans from her time in the band The Dresden Dolls, will bring her unique form of pop to Israel for a one-off show.
She released her first solo studio album, Who Killed Amanda Palmer, in September 2008 and later that year she embarked on a European tour.
Palmer is known for relying on networking and staying in close communication with her fans via Twitter and a blog of her own.  Her album Theater is Evil was completely financed by her fans. About  $1.2 million were raised after she announced her intentions via the crowd-sourcing platform Kickstarter.
Warning: Video contains nudity and strong languageThe US singer is no stranger to controversy. In response to a report in British newspaper The Daily Mail that claimed "Amanda's bra rode up while her shirt opened, leaving her wardrobe malfunction on show for all to see," Palmer performed a specially-written song at the Roundhouse in July 2013 and during the performance, she took off her clothes and continued the rest of the song in the nude.