Olivia now has a pizza sauce to make preparation of your own pizza super-fast.

Gad dairies have Bulgarian cheeses in water with salt from the Red Sea, containing such minerals as magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron. The prices vary from NIS 20.10 to NIS 25.50 a container. Also yummy are the Brie cheese with pecan nuts (NIS 19.70 for 120 gr.) and the Camembert type cheese made from sheep's milk (NIS 19.75 for 125 gr.). The cheesecake holiday is over, but you can still sample Nestlé cheesecake-flavored ice cream with cookie crumbs. A 1.3 liter container is NIS 23.95. Tapugan has a new series of vegetarian schnitzels; the five varieties are corn, broccoli, vegetable, plain vegetarian and, especially for the kids, small bite-size pieces in the shapes of the moon, sun and stars. The prices vary from NIS 20 to NIS 23 for a 600-gr. to 750-gr. package. Olivia now has a pizza sauce to make preparation of your own pizza super-fast. The mild sauce is made from fresh tomatoes; a 415-gr. jar is NIS 12. New from Mama Of is roasted chicken breast, containing only 1.5 percent fat. The chicken breast is delicious in a sandwich or salad. The price is NIS 6.90 for 100 gr., and each package contains about 400 gr. to 500 gr. Strauss ice creams have new flavors for kids called Milk Time, which contain, you guessed it, as much calcium per ice cream as one glass of milk. My kids, who don't like to drink milk, quite liked them. The little round sandwich chocolate-vanilla ice creams are NIS 21.90 for a package of six, and the strawberry-banana flavored sticks are NIS 20.80 for a package of five. Jump soft drinks now also come in personal-size 0.5 liter bottles. All the Jump bottles got a new design; the varieties are orange, grapefruit and diet grapefruit, strawberry-banana, grape, and mango-passion fruit. The price for a 0.5 liter bottle is NIS 6. Pillsbury has two new types of brioche cake, one with ricotta cheese and one with chocolate; you can find Pillsbury in selected supermarkets. The price for the brioche cake is NIS 29-NIS 36.