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Nestl is marketing new ice creams for kids with pictures of the popular Spongebob Squarepants and his starfish friend Patrick on the wrappers. My kids are big fans of this funny cartoon series and were a little disappointed to see that the actual ice cream is just a yellow square with a vague imprint of Spongebob's face. The ice creams were yummy anyway; the price for one is NIS 4.30. Independence Day is behind us, but at the next holiday, Lag Ba'omer, you can still roast hot dogs on your campfire. Of Tov has five hot dog varieties in an economy-size package, including extra large hot dogs (NIS 11.90 for 400 gr.), spicy Mexican hot dogs, or a package of 59 + 1 hot dogs, certainly to celebrate Israel's 59th anniversary (NIS 29.90) at the traditional holiday bonfires. To marinate meat or chicken you want to barbecue or stir fry with vegetables, you can try the new Maxchup stir-fry wok sauces. They come in black pepper, regular, garlic-pepper and hot basil; the price for a 280-ml. bottle is NIS 12. Tamar Hayarden has low-calorie dates, a healthy snack that provides instant energy through fruit sugars, without all the sugar you find in other sweet snacks. The dates are tasty and I frankly didn't taste any difference between them and regular ones; a 500-gr. bag is NIS 6. Spring has added some new fruit nectars, besides changing and modernizing the packaging of its old ones. The new flavors are tropical fruits and guava; the price for a one-liter carton is NIS 5.50. A new flavor of the chewy Mentos candies is licorice, something I like and nobody else in the house cares for, so I had the sample all to myself. This limited edition of licorice Mentos is NIS 5.50 for a small box. With all the different types of olive oil available, choosing the right kind has became a real matter for connoisseurs, just like with wine. Yad Mordechai has joined the trend, launching two new extra virgin olive oils, made from different olives. You can choose from a green, fresh flavor, or a rich fruity flavor. The 750-ml. bottles look like wine bottles and cost NIS 45.90. If you have your own espresso machine, Elite Coffee has two new types of espresso coffee for home brewing - classic and a stronger flavor Brazilian. A 230-gr. tin is NIS 32.