The Rimon wineries in the Upper Galilee produce wine made from pomegranates.

The Rimon wineries in the Upper Galilee produce wine made from pomegranates. The Port-style sweet wine we tried tasted very nice, a little lighter than traditional Porto wine, but certainly a good alternative. A bottle of Rimon port wine, containing 18 percent alcohol, is NIS 110-NIS 130. Elite Must has a new type of chewing gum for those who don't like the sweet bubble gum. The "very sour" Must comes in pineapple, lemon and melon flavors. Actually, they aren't really very sour; more tangy and refreshing. A box of Must gum is NIS 4.25. Danone yogurt drinks have some new additions to the series of "morning drinks" for those who don't have time for a sit-down breakfast. The new yogurt drinks have added grains and are a good alternative to cereal breakfasts. The morning drinks with grains are available in natural, strawberry and diet peach; a three-pack is NIS 12.15. At McDonald's you can now get a fresh salad, which is only chopped after you order it. The Israeli salad consists of finely chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, parsley and mint. Another new salad on the menu is a green salad with California walnuts; both cost NIS 22.90. Elite now also has yeast cakes, available in the flavors cinnamon and chocolate, rich in Elite chocolate. A 380-gr. cake is NIS 15.75. Nestea is a refreshing drink on hot summer days, and now another flavor has been added to the line: mango-pineapple. This flavor was judged favorably by my kids; a 1.5 liter bottle is NIS 7-NIS 8. Nestea and Nestl have also joined forces to make popsicles in the Nestea peach flavor; a box of eight is NIS 20. Osem has two new types of rice: red rice, a whole grain red-colored type of rice, and whole grain Basmati rice. These two healthy and tasty rice types cost NIS 12-NIS 14 for one kilo. Karmit is offering economy-size containers of mini-cookies; the available flavors are butter,chocolate, chocolate chip and vanilla. The one-kilo container, which is reusable, is NIS 18. La Catte is offering little treats for your feline friend, for a time when you want to spoil him. La Catte Delicatesse is available in chicken, fish, tuna and chicken liver and costs NIS 5 for a small tin.