David Breakstone

David Breakstone

Dr. David Breakstone is Vice Chairman of the World Zionist Organization and founding director of its Herzl Museum and Educational Center as well as a member of the The Jewish Agency executive. An educator by training, he has also served as director of Hebrew University@@@s Pedagogic Center for Jewish Education in the Diaspora, as associate dean and director of education at The Schechter Institute for Jewish Studies, and as director of Ramah Programs in Israel.

He has published numerous articles, books, and pedagogic materials on Jewish education, the teaching of Israel, Israel-Diaspora relations, Zionism, and Conservative Judaism – all topics on which he lectures extensively. His recent contributions to these fields include A Journey with Herzl; Fulfilling the Dream: Celebrating 60 Years of Israel@@@s Challenges and Achievements; From Altneuland to Tel Aviv: Of Dreams and Deeds; and Herzl Up Close and Personal – In Pursuit of the Zionist Vision. His regular column in the Friday magazine of The Jerusalem Post, “Keep dreaming,” deals primarily with contemporary issues in Israeli society, particularly as they relate to the life of the Jewish community worldwide. A collection of his articles appears on his blog at keepdreaminginzion.wordpress.com.

Dr. Breakstone earned his doctorate at Hebrew University in the Institute of Contemporary Jewry, specializing in the teaching of Israel. He made aliya from the United States in 1974, and performed his army service in the Education Corps of the Israel Defense Forces. He lives in Jerusalem.
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