Elazar Stern

Elazar Stern

Elazar Stern is an MK for the Yesh Atid party in the Knesset and a former Major General in the IDF. He also served as head of the Israeli Manpower Directorate before retiring in 2008.
MK Elazar Stern

Elazar Stern to 'Post': I am disappointed in the relgious-Zionist MKs

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haredi haredim

Separating religion and state

Women of the Wall

The Kotel compromise

‘THIS IS what distinguishes nationalism from extreme nationalism. The former protects us from extern

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The Kotel

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Council of the Chief Rabbinate

It’s time for a new rabbinate

A Jewish wedding

Facing the reality of intermarriage and assimilation in Israel


A new model ‘People’s Army’


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