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Rachel Bernstein is an editor and contributing writer at The Jerusalem Post. After working as a reporter for The Baltimore Business Journal, The Daily Record and Space News, she is finishing a PhD in desert studies and archaeology at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.
Sifting through temple mount debris at the new Masuot Lookout site.

Temple Mount project: Salvaging heritage from archaeological crime debris

2,000 year-old bones discovered in Jericho

2,000-year-old Jewish bones found in Jericho receive burial in Kfar Adumim

VISITORS LOOK at the V-1 flying bomb, which will be integrated into the new Holocaust galleries

Diaspora Affairs: Shepherding a legacy through change

Soccer Football - Premier League - Leicester City vs Chelsea - Leicester, Britain - September 9, 201

Chelsea Football Club chooses light over the darkness of antisemitism

The "Bes-Vessel" discovered March 20th, 2019

Ancient Persian-era jar fragment found in City of David

Remains from the crusader church

NGO fights to open forgotten Byzantine church in Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter

WILL THE Caesarea National Park be approved as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO?

Holy Land heritage on hold

ZERO MOSTEL and Gene Wilder in ‘The Producers’

Finding the Holocaust in musical culture

The Hellenistic horse figurine found near Tel Acre

Two ancient horse figurines found in north after winter rains


University of Haifa researchers identify 5,600-year-old Scandinavian salmon

PNINA MOED KASS entertains young admirers

A famous snail and its creator take it slow and easy

Small oil lamp wick from 1,500 years ago found in Shivta, December 10th, 2018.

Hecht Museum in Haifa to open two new archaeology exhibits


Two Roman statues discovered near burial site in Beit She'an


A look back at Jerusalem’s top stories of 2018

Part of the treasure from the cave on display.

Peki’in exhibit to display treasure from historic Chalcolithic burial cave

The newly discovered Roman-era pool in Tzipori

Discovered Roman-era pool could be 'the krona of Tzipori' from Talmud


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