Reuven Ben-Shalom

Reuven Ben-Shalom

Reuven is a strategic and cross-cultural analyst, researcher and consultant. He is the founder of Cross-Cultural Strategies Ltd., focusing on streamlining organizational culture and facilitating international collaboration.

Reuven served in the Israel Defense Force for 25 years as a helicopter pilot, and in various international relations positions in the General Staff, among them director of Israel-US military cooperation, and director of the International Fellows Program at the Israel National Defense College.

In his reserve capacity, Colonel (Res.) Ben-Shalom serves in the International Cooperation Unit, and trains senior leaders and defense attachés in the IDF’s School of Military Diplomacy.

Ben-Shalom is a graduate of the IDF Command and Staff College, and holds a B.Sc. in industrial engineering and management, and M.Sc. in business administration from Ben Gurion University.

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