Under BDS pressure: Only 2,000 show up Jenifer Lopez’s concert in Egypt

The concert in the city of El-Alamein had few attendees after the BDS movement protested the event: “The provocative singer also performed in occupied Palestine.”

Jennifer Lopez performs in Israel (photo credit: LIOR KETER)
Jennifer Lopez performs in Israel
(photo credit: LIOR KETER)
Jenifer Lopez’s concert in El-Alamein in Egypt had few attendees after the BDS movement in the country moved against it in response to her earlier concert in Israel. Sources say only 2,000 people have shown up to the concert, as opposed to the 50,000 who had attended in Tel Aviv, after the movement worked in the local and social media to boycott the event.
Last week, BDS supporters sent an open letter to “Orsacom Development,” who is in charge of producing the concert, in which they wrote: “Jenifer Lopez’s concert in Egypt will take place but a few days after her concert in conquered Palestine, which she insisted on having despite the outcry to boycott Israel and cancel the event. The singer expressed support for the occupying country, and its racist treatment of the Palestinians.” 
Despite the outcry and in an unusual move in light of the fact that it had been almost a week since her concert in Israel, Lopez posted a story on her Instagram account, with a picture of her concert from Tel Aviv, in which she wrote: “Tel Aviv was incredible,” in what appeared to be a response to the protest against her in Egypt. Several hours later, Alex Rodriguez, former third baseman for the New York Yankees and Jenifer Lopez's fiance, who came to Israel with her, shared the post as well, which emphasizes the two’s stance against the outcry.
These posts were seen by all 90.2 million of her followers on Instagram. Gaining hundreds of thousands of likes and comments and were covered by tabloids around the world. Alex Rodriguez himself shared his positive experience in Israel with his three million followers, saying: “Amazing first trip to Israel. People here are wonderful and energetic. This is a place I’ll definitely return one day and recommend others do so as well.”