WATCH: ‘Israel and North Korea agree to transfer Palestinian Prisoners?’

The Israeli ministry takes to the streets to see what made up 'facts' people will really believe about Israel.

Fake News (photo credit: screenshot)
Fake News
(photo credit: screenshot)
A new pro-Israel initiative is leading the way in combating anti-Israel and antisemitic incitement online. With the use of satire in the form of BDS News, self-proclaimed 'fake news', and a powerful social media presence, the Ministry led organization is on a mission to change how the world views Israel.
Lesson 1 in Fact checking- Ben Gurion & Israel-North Korea Relations
"Campus street questionnaire: The Anti-Israeli incitement around the world in the past few years has created a new phenomenon. University students, being exposed to half-truths and complete lies, published daily by anti-Israel activists; have started believing the most outrageous, random tales about Israel even when we are talking about Palestinian prisoners exchange between Israel and North Korea..."