Fascist Islam - the bully in the playground

As violent mobs took to the CBD of my home town, Sydney, protesting Nakoula Basseley Nakoula’s ‘The Innocence of Muslims’, the Australian media was flooded with a myriad of anti Fundamental Muslim sentiments; most of them justified. Like much of the Western world, Australians have outgrown the racist prejudices of their predecessors and the society has evolved into a largely tolerant multi cultural one which embraces the flavours of multiple nationalities and religions with curiosity, interest and even positive regard. But we don’t take kindly to violent mobs, especially recently imported ones, and this was the general theme that ensued. If you play nice, you can stay; otherwise go back to where you came from.


Awakening to the threat of fundamental Islam in their own back yard, the Australian media made no mistakes about stating clearly that religious tolerance will only be taken so far and that fundamental Islam will not be accepted in our otherwise tolerant country. And then, in the name of fair coverage, the voice of moderate Islam was given full page spreads in newspapers and social media alike, bringing balance to the sensitive issue of Australia’s growing Islamic population and tight-immigration laws.  But the voice of moderation is rarely the one to which we need to pay heed.


One of the more interesting pieces of news I saw was a CB NTV segment entitled ‘Belgistan? Sharia Showdown Looms in Brussels’. Sparked by a piece of graffiti that read ‘Welcome to Belgistan’ journalist Dale Hurd explores the rise of the fundamental Islamic group Sharia4Belgium which violently opposes and stands to threaten the more moderate Muslim voice of the Capitols largest growing religion, Islam.


What I found interesting was the blatant honesty of the group’s leader Faud Balkistan who states “There is no difference between Islam and Shariah,” and that “democracy is the opposite to Shariah and Islam” a principle Europe can no longer continue to ignore at this (birth) rate. According to Author Sam Van Rooy, co author of ‘Islam - Critical essays on a Political religion’, it is just a matter of decades before Brussels becomes a Muslim capitol. He calls Islam a ‘fascist ideology’ with a religious side. I am relieved to finally hear a voice of reason after decades in which all that could be heard was the apologetic voice of European guilt thinly guised as religious tolerance continuously regurgitated by a myriad of different humanitarian causes, and soaked up by the Western media.


Meanwhile, the Obama administration responded to the outrageous murder of Libya’s Ambassador’s Chris Stevens, like Principle Skinner from the Simpsons, apologising to all of Islam while stumbling over its own freedom of speech laws in an attempt to placate the bully by requesting YouTube remove the ‘disgusting and reprehensible’ film. Of course what really needs to be removed, is the ‘disgusting and reprehensible bully’ namely Fascist Islamic Organisations, groups and their seditious leaders, not the practically unwatchable, low budget piece of cuberjunk that paints a less than flattering image of the humourless prophet. I didn’t see any requests by the administration for FaceBook to close the accounts of the thousands of violent protestors who were no doubt incited to attack embassies and aggressively march on city centres by messages dispatched through its social network facility. Surely their actions are the real cause of the violence.


Ten years ago a direct attack on American soil was enough to prompt a ten year long war in Afghanistan. Today I remain unconvinced that the current administration will have the guts to wage anything other than a wagging finger at the regime that has successfully managed to shift it off its own moral centre. Using the bullying tactics of violence and terror, in the name of the lowest, most primal, egotistical and unevolved of human traits ‘pride’, and in defence of his great ‘honour’, Fascist Islam has managed to turns its own prophet into a victim of ridicule likening him to Mussolini, Stalin and Hitler, and it is to this regime that Obama apologetically placates.


So while the fascist ideologies of Islam continue to saturate the empty spaces created by unemployment, ignorance, poverty, despair and perhaps more importantly the naiveté of the west and its equally complicit media, the playground bully runs amok burning down buildings and murdering innocent people. And while Wikipedia, still refer to Gisele Littman’s theory of the Islamification of Europe as ‘conspiracy theory’ and we in the west, ever so gently flex our ineffective conflict resolution muscle and enter into interfaith dialogues, Islam enters the world stage as a violent political fascist regime that is protected by the very free speech it rejects.


‘Belgistan’ may we become the Islamic capitol of ‘Eurabia’ and Sydnistan may well become the Islamic capitol of Austrabia, but Jerusalem will always remain the Jewish capital of Israel, which suddenly starts to feels like the safest place on earth.